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Strategy to leverage KAM clients in dynamic third party services to apparel sector
The importance of the Key Account Management has increased in recent years as key clients become more demanding, sophisticated & global in their operations.
Clothing & Textiles Industry in Moldova
Moldova Textile & Clothing Industry: Moldova Textile Industry, Moldova Clothing Industry, Moldova Garment Industry is an attractive proposition for investment which already accounts for 1.5% of
Cambodia: Bleak Future
Cambodia's biggest industry-garment, shoewear and leather-employs some 1 million people and accounts for nearly three quarters of its merchandise exports. However, this industry is beset with
The Role of HRM in Textile Industries
HRM Functions in Textile, Garments or Apparel Industry - The role of HRM is an integrated part in textile Industries for better survival in the global Market. Because, The textile sector accounts for
The journey of Indian fashion
This report studies the diverse dressing styles throughout the length & breadth of India and gives an account of the evolution of modern fashion in the country.
Bangladesh: Knit apparel exports exceeds the target
Overall exports of the Bangladesh recorded an increase of 15.87 percent and accounted for US$14.110 billion in financial year 2007-08. Read to know more.
Scenario of viscose pulp and fiber industry
Viscose fibres account for the major alternative use for dissolved pulp, with around 2 million ton of fiber produced per annum. Read to know more.
'Comfort Mapping' to Enhance Next Generation Sportswear
Comfort Mapping: Comfort mapping Technology is take account of the spatial distribution of heat and moisture production in different parts of the body by using different textile materials. Advantages
Draft National Fibre Policy Recommends Incentivising Textile Exports
Article By H.K Sehgal On Draft National Fibre Policy Recommends Incentivising Textile Exports And Agri. Extension Services, There Has Also Been A Growing Concern On Account Of Consumption Of Fibre In
Jordan becomes the home for luxury apparel
Jordan exported garments worth US$ 1 billion to that country. Overall textile exports account for 20 per cent approximately of the country's Gross Domestic Product.
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