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Interview: Jason Kibbey, CEO, Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)
The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is the apparel, footwear and textiles industry’s alliance for sustainable production. CEO Jason Kibbey discusses sustainability measurement, responsible practices and
Interview: Top executives, Chairpersons, Textile & apparel bodies
The top executives from Textile & Apparel bodies talk about the latest announcement of the GST Council and how it will help India's textile & apparel industry.
Interview: Rehan Lakhany, Chairman, Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association
It has been the same story since the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak-cancelled orders, production drops or halts due to the lockdowns. Sri Lankan Apparel Exporters Association chairman Rehan
Interview: Bakhtiar Uddin Ahmed, COO, Fakir Apparels
Fakir Apparels Ltd (FAL) is a fully integrated garment manufacturing unit. Bakhtiar Uddin Ahmed, COO of Fakir Apparels, speaks to Fibre2Fashion about major concerns of buyers when it comes to sourcing
Interview: Mr. Ravishankar Seshan, MD, Ryyty Apparel Resources
A Talk with Mr. Ravishankar Seshan from Ryyty Apparel Resources.Mr. Ravishankar Seshan on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Ryyty Apparel Resources specialized in Garment accessories for Clothing
Interview: Top executives, Chairpersons, Textile & apparel bodies
Top executives of Textile and Apparel bodies talks to Fibre2Fashion talks about upcoming Union Budget 2018 and their expectation after post GST scenario
Interview: Roger Thomas, MD, Methods Apparel Consultancy
Roger Thomas is the MD of Methods Apparel Consultancy talks about the latest technological innovations taking place in the sewn products industry in an exclusive interview with Fibre2Fashion.com
Interview: Top executives, Chairpersons, Textile & apparel bodies
Chairpersons of top textile and apparel bodies of India talks to Fibre2Fashion in an interview regarding the review of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20
Interview: Representatives, Trade bodies, Textile & apparel industry
Some of the top representatives from trade and apparel bodies share the changes they are seeking with Fibre2Fashion. Read to know more.
Interview: Mr. Ranjit Shah, Director, P.S. Apparels
A Talk with Mr. Ranjit Shah from P.S. Apparels.Mr. Ranjit Shah on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The P.S. Apparels specialized in Garment manufacturing and export having headquarter in Chennai, India.
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