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Stand alone wearable power assist suit
The Robot Suit drives recklessly; the user who wore this Robot Suit to the body can obstruct it for oneself. Power Assisting Suit has enough safety system, the elimination of mechanical parts in front
E-suits for medical assistance
E-suits for Medical Assistance - E-Suit is smart e-textiles designed for medical industry to detect the heart rate of the person and its efficiency is been tested. ECG is the graph of bioelectric
Enzymatic Assisted Coloring of Cotton Fabrics
Enzymatic Colouration Cotton Fabrics - Enzymatic Colouration with Laccase and Peroxidases of Unbleached Cotton, Enzymatic Browning of Unbleached Cotton Fabrics.
Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Assisted Dyeing – A Novel Approach
Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Assisted Dyeing – A Novel Approach
Digital Weaving : Order & Complexity
Digital Weaving or Computer-Assisted Weaving :: Order & Complexity of Digital Weaving. Read article on Modern Weaving Technology.
Textile Software : Assistance in Manufacturing Units and Retail Stores
Software Applications and 2D and 3D Software Programs for Textile Manufacturing Units. Textile Manufacturing Software, Software Programs for Textiles helps manufacturing companies to ease their work.
Indian Silk Industry 'turns over a new leaf' with novelty
Indian Silk Industry is second largest silk manufacturer in raw silk production. Eco Friendly Silk, is being manufacture by Silk Fabric Manufacturers in such that extracting silk fabric from cocoons
TexPro: Top 5 Facts You Should Know about its Unique User Interface
In the Textile and apparel industry, market research has always been an integral part of businesses. But doing it right has always been the most challenging part of it. TexPro assists the textile and
Enzymes in Textile Wet Processing
Enzymes in Textile Wet Processing - Water recycling textile wet processing, Enzymes for textiles processes, Enzymes assisted for the textile wet processing to reduce the environment issue of textile
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