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Marketing your product : the art of displays
Marketing your product : the art of displays by Tymon Hytem - Free Business Articles, Free Research Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion
Mannequins Musts
Different types of mannequins are used in stores, depending on the purpose of the display and the level of elegance they are supposed to depict, says M. Yousuf.
Export Merchandiser - The New Avatar
Export Merchandiser, New Avatar, Evolution Of Discipline Of Export Industry Merchandising Often Assigned To Fresh Graduate Of Any Discipline Capable Of Responding To Queries Of Customers In English
The next big idea for retail
Visual merchandising is today at the core of every brand's vision strategy. Yet, there is an acute shortfall of skilled and trained visual merchandisers in India with most of the workforce having
Stand alone wearable power assist suit
The Robot Suit drives recklessly; the user who wore this Robot Suit to the body can obstruct it for oneself. Power Assisting Suit has enough safety system, the elimination of mechanical parts in front
E-suits for medical assistance
E-suits for Medical Assistance - E-Suit is smart e-textiles designed for medical industry to detect the heart rate of the person and its efficiency is been tested. ECG is the graph of bioelectric
Enzymatic Assisted Coloring of Cotton Fabrics
Enzymatic Colouration Cotton Fabrics - Enzymatic Colouration with Laccase and Peroxidases of Unbleached Cotton, Enzymatic Browning of Unbleached Cotton Fabrics.
Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Assisted Dyeing – A Novel Approach
Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Assisted Dyeing – A Novel Approach
Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising
Merchandising in an Apparel Industry
Apparel Merchandisers Responsibilities - In an apparel industry, there are many responsibilities of Apparel Merchandisers and apparel merchandising department like costing, pricing, preparing orders,
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