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Techno economic & market aspects of Innovative bamboo yarn products
Unlike organic, the demand for Bamboo yarn products is on the rise. Demand from home textile sector & natural product appeal are main demand drivers. Read More.
Bamboo Fibers and its Application in Textiles- An Overview
Read Article on Bamboo Fibers Application in Textiles, Characteristic of Bamboo Fibres, Dyeing and Finishing of Bamboo Textile, Bamboo Intimate Apparels, Bamboo Non-Woven Fabric, Bamboo Sanitary
Bamboo and sisal rugs are eco friendly
Bamboo fibers, Sisal Fabrics, Hemp Fabrics are alternative to synthetic fabrics which are strong and renewable plant fibers. Bamboo fabric fiber is made from the pulp of bamboo grass.
An Overview of Bamboo and Rattan Sector in Kenya
Bamboo In Kenya Play A Role In Fencing, House Construction, Water Harvesting, Cottage Industries Dealing With Matchsticks, Baskets, Tooth-Picks, Various Other Handicrafts
Physical & UV Protection Properties of Knitted Bamboo Fabrics
Properties of Knitted Bamboo Fabrics over Physical and UV protection innovated by latest manufacturing processes. Knit bamboo fabrics make you feel cool and comfortable.
Bamboo combines with Sida Rhombifolia for hygiene
Bamboo combines with Sida Rhombifolia for hygiene
Investigation and Development of Bamboo Charcoal Yarn
Investigation and Development of Bamboo Charcoal Yarn
Bamboo Fibres - A Boon for Apparels
Article on Bamboo fiber mechanical process, Bamboo fiber made from the pulp of bamboo plants. Bamboo Fibre known as a Cellulose Fiber. Bamboo fiber mechanical process same as leninand the process is
Study of antimicrobial behavior of socks from bamboo fibers
This paper deals with the anti-microbial behavior of bamboo fibers with the use of socks. Bamboo Fiber has particular and natural functions of anti-bacteria, bacteriostasis and deodorization.Grey
The Best Raw Material for Socks – Original Bamboo Fiber
Article By Jack Wu On The Best Raw Material For Socks – Original Bamboo Fiber, Original Bamboo Fiber Is The True Natural Bamboo Fiber, Known As Eco Friendly Products Also Known As Bio Bamboo Fibre,
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