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Ultra Violet Protection Property of Bamboo & Cotton Fabric
Ultra Violet Protection Property of Bamboo & Cotton Fabric
Bamboo - 21st century eco fiber : Application in towel sector
Bamboo - 21st century eco fiber : Application in towel sector by Dr. Subrata Das - Free Textile Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion
The Best Raw Material for Socks – Original Bamboo Fiber
Article By Jack Wu On The Best Raw Material For Socks – Original Bamboo Fiber, Original Bamboo Fiber Is The True Natural Bamboo Fiber, Known As Eco Friendly Products Also Known As Bio Bamboo Fibre,
Application of extra weft technique to design Kota Doria
Kota Doria is a handloom cotton fabric known for its weaving style that makes the fabric translucent and light and is best suited for summers.
Bamboo Charcoal Yarns/ Fabrics- A New Era in Textile Field
Bamboo Charcoal Traditionally Used as Substitute For Wood Charcoal or Mineral Coal and Showing Industry Wise Consumption of Activated Carbon. Characteristics & Properties of Bamboo Charcoal
A Study on Bamboo/Cotton & Bamboo/Polyester Blended Woven Fabric
Article on Study on Bamboo fabrics, Cotton Fabrics and Polyester Blended Woven Fabric by Sheeba C, Mrs. P. Sasikala and Dr. K. Thangamani and many more at Fibre2fashion.
Rural Craftsmanship, Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation
Read Article on Rural Craftsmanship, Traditional Bamboo Sector, Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation, Industrial Development in Bangladesh and Development Challenges for Bangladesh. The Study
Raffia-Favourite Natural Fibre of Craftsmen
Raffia fibre is natural fibre like jute, bamboo and hemp fibres. It is peeled from raffia palm and normally dyed with natural pigments.
New Natural Luxurious Womenswear Fabrics
New Natural Luxurious Womenswear Fabrics - An Interesting Article about the Womenswear Merino Wool, Wool, Silk and Wool, Bamboo Viscose Woven Worsted Fabrics.
Vietnamese Handicrafts Industry: Idyllic Presence in the Global Markets
Vietnam Handicrafts Industry: Vietnam is famous for handicrafts. Most famous Vietnam handicrafts include bamboo wares, ceramics, lacquer wares. Read more about Vietnam handicrafts Industry,Vietnam
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