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Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers from India
India based Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers. Our company desires to purchase Bamboo Yarn. Want Bamboo Yarn in pattern dyed with count of Ne 16's- 30's. We require this yarn for making of garment
Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers from Australia
Australia based Banana Yarn buyers and importers. Our company is on a pursuit of an exceptional quality supplier of Banana Yarn. We want Banana Yarn in dyed pattern. Require count is 16's-30's Ne. We
Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers from Sweden
Sweden based Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers. Looking for producers of 100% Bamboo Yarn. Sustainability is a must, mechanically produced. Mechanically produced (12-20 ne) used in Home textile.
Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers from India
India based Cotton Bamboo Blend Yarn buyers and importers. Buyer is looking for well known exporter for Cotton Bamboo Blend Yarn. We are looking Cotton Bamboo Blend Yarn in dyed pattern with count of
Bamboo Yarn suppliers and manufacturers from Simtex International, Pakistan
Pakistan based Supersoft bamboo yarn suppliers and manufacturers. We are a prominent supplier of Supersoft bamboo yarn ranging from 10/1 to 50/1 for both knitting & weaving. The outstanding features
Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers from India
India based Pure Bamboo Yarn buyers and importers. Our company desires to purchase Pure Bamboo Yarn. We want to use for knitting purpose.We want in count Ne 20s.We are looking pattern greige. We want
Use of bamboo fibres in fabrics
Bamboo fabric consist of exceptional properties and it grows quickly in good conditions without pesticides. Bamboo clothes made out of bamboo fibres are gaining popularity now a days.
Bamboo fibers: A Review
Bamboo fiber is one of the new generation cellulosic fibers which are getting very popular nowadays because of its unique properties in term of feel, comfort, natural shine and so on.
Is bamboo fabric as eco-friendly as bamboo?
Eco Friendly Bamboo Fabric and Bamboo Textiles - It is a debatable topic about how eco-friendly is bamboo fabric and bamboo textiles.
Bamboo Clothing for Green Wardrobes
Article By Michelle On Bamboo Clothing For Green Wardrobes And Fashion Trends Using Bamboo As Materials Have Been Progressing And The Demands For The Bamboo Clothing And The Clothes Are Very Sturdy
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