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A Study on Bamboo/Cotton & Bamboo/Polyester Blended Woven Fabric
Article on Study on Bamboo fabrics, Cotton Fabrics and Polyester Blended Woven Fabric by Sheeba C, Mrs. P. Sasikala and Dr. K. Thangamani and many more at Fibre2fashion.
Study of Moisture Management Finish on Woven Fabrics
Water Absorbency Fabric - Based on the test results, Microdenier polyester fabrics and Cotton exhibits good in wicking, wetting and water absorbency characteristics than Polyester / Cotton blend and
Fabric to dye for
Dyeing a cotton/wool blend is difficult because the two fibers have different chemical makeups. The process of a new Single Bath Dyeing Procedure called Union Dyeing. The resin treatment was
Heritage Rediscovered With Thai Silks
Thai Silk is symbol of unique luster, different blends and shine. Thai silk fabric and Thai Silk dresses are tightly woven fabrics in high quality.
3D Woven Fabric
3D Woven Fabric, 3D Fabrics, 3D Textiles: 3D Fabric Suppliers,3D Fabric Manufacturers, and 3D Textile Suppliers focus on wide methods of manufacturing of 3D woven fabrics and 3D Weaving Process. 3D
Wicking of woven fabrics
Wicking of Woven Fabrics - Study on the effect of textile fabric structure and interaction effect on the overall liquid transport property of woven fabrics.
To Study Compressional Behavior of Woven Fabric
The behavior of woven fabrics has been analyzed in terms of compression and compressibility using an Instron tensile tester.
An Overview on Representation of Woven Fabric Structure
Article on overview of Woven fabric structure and Woven fabric Formation as well as learn methods of making fabrics from textile fibers by Nitin S. Dhoot only at Fibre2fashion.
Factors Influencing Costing of Woven Fabrics
Factors Influencing Costing Of Woven Fabrics. Costing A Complex Procedure, With Set Patterns And Guidelines Followed By Industry. Asia Biggest Market For Sourcing Of Fabrics For Garment &
Technology of 3D Woven Domed Fabrics
Technology of 3D Woven Domed Fabrics
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