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Holding the floor
Technology, sustainability and social media might together decide what the future holds, writes Jozef De Coster from Ghent, Belgium. Read to know more.
Over the Carpet
At a time when the world is struggling to bring down CO2 emissions, a yarns company of leading carpet group Beaulieu International Group is offering a new yarn that claims to bring down the usual
Beyond the gulf
With India & Iran already having a history of trade that dates back 100 years, that country could be an attractive destination for Indian exporters in the near future.
Processing of Carpets
Read Article on Processing of Carpets, Construction of Carpet, Various Coating Techniques, Capillary Systems in Carpets, Methods of dyeing carpets, Recent Developments in Carpet Dyeing, Carpet
Indian Carpet Industry
Indian Carpet Industry
Picking the Carpet that Suits your Lifestyle
Picking the Carpet that Suits your Lifestyle
Wash out……your Carpet stains
Wash out……your Carpet stains
12 Types of Carpet
12 Types of Carpet
Carpet Fiber Characteristics
Characteristics of Carpet Fiber - Nylon Carpet fiber is most famous fiber in which about 90% are residential carpet and 65% is the all carpet. Nylon Fiber is solid as a solution-dyed yarn.
Skin Lesions in Carpet Hand-weavers
Read Information on Skin Lesions in Carpet Hand-Weavers, Skin Problem of Carpet Hand-Weavers, Discussion on Skin Disease, Personal Detail of Carper Weavers and Frequency of Skin Lesions in Carpet
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