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Influence of Static and Dynamic loading on the Properties of Handmade Persian Carpet
Read Information on Properties of Handmade Persian Carpet, Influence of Static and Dynamic Loading on Carpet, Effect of Wool Fibre Race, Effect of Tanning Process and Effect of Knot Density of Carpet.
Rug Fibres Explained
Rug Fibres and Carpet Fibres Explained: Quality of fibers used in rugs and carpets will provide you idea about quality of Rugs, Carpets and Cost. Read more about Rug Fibres,Carpet Fibres,Rug
Introduction to Soft Floor Coverings - Carpets & Rugs
Introduction to Soft Floor Coverings - Carpets & Rugs
A Study on Effect of Enzymatic Pretreatment on Physio-Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Carpet Woolen Yarn
A Study on Effect of Enzymatic Pretreatment on Physio-Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Carpet Woolen Yarn
Two-in-One, Figured Floor Carpets and Mats- By weft Tapestry Principle
This Article Deals About A New Type Of Two In One Fabric Produced In Weft Tapestry Principle Using Coarser Weft Yarn Producing Thick Fabric Suitable For Floor Carpets And Mats.
Rugs Processing
Carpet is a textile floor covering that is distinguished from the more general term "rug" by being fixed to the floor surface and extending to every wall.
Turkish Carpets: An Insignia of Style, Elegance and Luxury
Article By Fibre2fashion On Turkish Carpets, An Insignia Of Style, Elegance And Luxury As Carpets Are The Most Stylish Creations In The Handmade Varieties Of Turkey, They Are Famous For What Is Known
Textile industry in Turkey
Turkey Textile Sector, Textile Industry Turkey has 1000 biggest manufacturing companies, 228 of them deal in textile, apparel, and carpet business. Turkey has abundant availability of cotton as a
National Social Labelling Initiatives, a Necessity for Ethical Fashion
Importance of Social Labeling - Social labeling is an initiative introduced in the nineties with a view to eliminating the exploitation of Child Labour in Carpet Production in India.
Eliminating odors with an effective fabric deodorizer
Fabric Deodorizer is a safe and effective method to maintain an odor-free home, regular treatment. Carpet Deodorizer is vacuum the area thoroughly, avoiding the use of any powder products directly on
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