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CAD/CAM Support for Jacquard Based Textile Industry
Textile and Apparel CAD/CAM Support - The CAD/CAM system gives an opportunity for the production of all kinds of jacquard textures - basic jacquard, toweling fabrics, jacquard carpets and other
Potentials for jute based composites
The jute fiber have been used for so long in low value products, such as gunny bags, twine, and carpet backing.Jute Based Composites, Textile Jute Composites has many advantages. Jute is renewable
Formaldehyde treatment for textiles
Article is based on Formaldehyde Treatment for Textiles. A study reveals that more number of death due to Testicular Cancer were among carpet Textile Workers. Breathing Formaldehyde Vapour will affect
2008 - A year of transition for global nonwovens industry
Automotive Applications some nonwovens have now even become visible features in car interiors, no longer just hidden from view as carpet underlay. European Nonwovens Industry, Global Nonwovens
Peter Behrens and Decoration as Contemplative Symbol
Peter Behrens was German Architect and Designer. Behrens was more usually identified by his architecture work or product design and discipline to his work in textile industry.
Floral Rug Design of the Early Victorian Period
Rug Design - In 1830s and 1840s a large proportion of rug design in the form of effusive and often charming arrangements of flowers and ornamentation from different eras and geographical areas
Development of Indian textiles through comparison of Indian cotton producing traditions
In ancient times, India held the monopoly in manufacturing cotton textiles. Fibre2Fashion looks at the country's global textile exports where India is still a force to reckon with.
Developmental Initiatives for the Revival of 'Tonk Namda'- A Traditional Felted Floor Covering of Rajasthan
Namda is a local term used for felted wool floor coverings. It is a traditional floor covering, made out of coarse variety of wool.Rich hues and exquisite designing are the hallmarks of the
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