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Interview: Jay Ramrakhiani, Designer, Occasions Elegance Wear
Jay Ramrakhiani is the Designer at Occasions Elegance Wear at fashiontalk by fibre2fashion.com , [extradetails]
Interview: Suman Nathwani, Designer, Suman Nathwani
Designer Suman Nathwani talks about her journey of opening a sleepwear label in India at a time when it was considered taboo, to current times when the brand has spread to all the major cities of
Interview: Tahweave & Garo, Designer & Owner, Sweta Tantia
Sweta Tantia owns Garo, a couture indutva or ethnicwear brand, and Tahweave, a hand-crafted clothing brand that deals with everyday chic yet casual womenswear. Tantia spoke about organic clothing,
Interview: Rahul Mishra, Designer,
Rahul Mishra is an Indian fashion designer based in Mumbai and Delhi he talks about the ‘slow fashion’ mean to you and your work in an exclusive interview with Fibre2Fashion.com
Interview: Angel Sanchez, Designer, Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez is the Designer at Angel Sanchez at fashiontalk by fibre2fashion.com , [extradetails]
Interview: Karan Arora, Designer, Karan Arora
Karan Arora is the Designer at Karan Arora at fashiontalk by fibre2fashion.com , [extradetails]
Interview: Ritu Kumar, Designer, Ritu Kumar
Ritu Kumar is an Indian fashion designer share her view on definition of sustainable luxury and the international concept of sustainable luxury in an interview with Fibre2Fashion.com
Interview: Mayyur Girotra, Designer, Mayyur Girotra
A Talk with Mayyur Girotra from Mayyur Girotra.Mayyur Girotra on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Mayyur Girotra specialized in Couture collection having headquarter in New Delhi.
Interview: Bhumika and Shyamal Shodhan, Fashion Designers, Shyamal and Bhumika
A Talk with Bhumika and Shyamal Shodhan from Shyamal and Bhumika.Bhumika and Shyamal Shodhan on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Shyamal and Bhumika specialized in Newyork & New Jersey , London ,
Interview: Top executives, Fashion designers, Fashion houses, India
Top executives of Fashion houses of India talks to Fibre2Fashion about the intellectual property rights and how to ensure its quality in the fashion industry
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