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Plasma Processing For High End Technical Textiles
Plasma Technologies for Technical Textiles: Plasma Processing method is economical, flexible and versatile to make novel products with high added values. Coating and lamination technologies completely
Nano-Finishing on Garments
Article By V. Arunkumar And M. Prathap, With The Advent Of Nanoscience And Technology, Area Of Textile Finishing Called Nanofinishing, The Impact Of Nanotechnology In The Textile Garment Finishing
Textile Reinforced Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belts: Conveyor belts are flexible composite plates. Learn manufacturing of conveyor belt and advantages of fabric conveyor belt over steel conveyor belt. Conveyor belt systems are composed
Kinds of Leather used in furniture upholstery
The leather retains the natural texture with its unique surface characteristics,the surface being natural in not treated or coated with pigments and polymers.
An Introduction to Textile Processing Auxiliaries
Article By New Cloth Market On An Introduction To Textile Processing Auxiliaries And Also Describes Natural Auxiliaries For Textile Processing, Its Sizing Compounds, Coating Materials And Thickeners
Winter clothes can be stylish and comfortable too
Fashionable Winter Clothes, Stylish Winter Clothing like Sweaters, Fur jackets, Denim Coats made from Winter Clothing Materials like Wool, Leather, Denim, Fur.
Industrial and Composite Textiles
Article By J. B. Sanghadia, Aadhar Mandot And P. S. Purohit On Industrial And Composite Textiles And Highlights Coated Fabrics Today One Can Classify Textiles Into Three Broad Categories, Apparel,
Journey of a Jacket and its Fit
Armours are considered as a foundation for traditional jacket for men. Traditional Three Piece Suits for Men includes trouser, paired with a jacket or coat and a shirt.
Fascinating Silicone™ - helping revolutionize the textile industry
Silicone Fabric: Silicone is amazing Material makes clothing stylish, comfortable, and easier and Silicone fabric coatings maintain their flexibility and range of temperatures than organic coatings.
Conductive Yarns and their Use In Technical Textiles
Article on Conductive Yarns Use in Technical Textile, Coating with Conductive Substances, Electromagnetic Waves and their Effects, Use Of Conductive Textiles In Electromagnetic Shielding, Research On
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