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Journey of a Jacket and its Fit
Armours are considered as a foundation for traditional jacket for men. Traditional Three Piece Suits for Men includes trouser, paired with a jacket or coat and a shirt.
Psychology of color
Every color has different symbol and it’s a powerful psychology tool. White color is associated with purity and cleanness. Wedding dress and doctor’s coat are always in white color. Black is the color
Booming Market for Automobile Textiles:Forecasts for 2012
Find Trends & Forecast of Automobile Textiles and Automobile Fabrics Industry for 2012. Demand for coated fabrics has increased and knitted fabrics, woven fabrics will have more shares in Global
Global market for performance apparels
Global Market of Performance Apparels has more than 30 million units are sold account for average sales of $3 billion annually. Woven Performance Apparels consist of visibly coated Jackets, and Pants
Fire retardant fabrics
Fire Retardant Fabrics like Twaron, Coated nylon, Carbon Foam and Modacrylic which are used in a variety of applications like industrial work wear, uniforms for fire fighters etc. Flame retardancy of
Spray clothes on yourself Seamless garments with aerosol technology
Aerosol Technology: Fabrican TECHNOLOGY is Spray-on Fabric Non-woven Coating Aerosol Technology Cotton Fibres and Spray Clothes for Seamless Garments,Spray on Seamless Fabrics. Liquid can be sprayed
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