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Interview: Gerard de Reuver, President & CEO, DSM Dyneema
Gerard de Reuver is the President & CEO of DSM Dyneema. Gerard de Reuver talks about the global market for high-performance fibers and many more at Fibre2fashion
Interview: Mr. Manohar Samuel, President - Marketing, Birla Cellulose
Mr. Manohar Samuel is the President – Marketing of Birla Cellulose. Mr. Manohar Samuel discusses advantages of using Viscose Staple Fiber (VSF) and its sustainable nature with regards to cotton in an
Interview: Mr Rui Chammas, Commercial Director [Polypropylene], Braskem
Latest Interview with Mr. Rui Chammas, Polypropylene Commercial Director of Braskem - Discussing on current movements in Global Petrochemical Industry & their impacts on market of Synthetic Fibers -
Interview: Paolo Briatore, MD, INVISTA India Sales & Services Ltd.
A Talk with Paolo Briatore from INVISTA India Sales & Services Ltd..Paolo Briatore on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The INVISTA India Sales & Services Ltd. specialized in Polymers and fibers having
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