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Short fibre content in cotton: The next big challenge for spinners
This article aims to examine issues with regards to origins, evaluations and limits acceptable, creation, elimination and the effect of short fibres in the final product of spinning namely yarn.
Organic Cotton and Sustainable Fashion
Rising awareness among consumers and retailers has induced fashion brands and retailers to introduce apparel lines produced from organic cotton.
An Update on Cotton Price
Cotton is the most valuable product of the textile and fashion industry. Since the beginning of the textile industry, cotton has always been the game-changer. Cotton fits into any textile and apparel
US-China conflict: Textile angle
The US-China dispute over trade and subsequent imposition and counter-imposition of tariffs is all set to disturb the global textiles and apparel industry, writes Subir Ghosh. The ongoing hostilities
Sustainability brand rankings: Losing track
Most textile-apparel brands are failing on sustainable cotton benchmarks, a recent survey of as many as 37 international brands has found. Lack of uptake of more sustainable cotton is being seen as a
Government Turns a Sensible Leaf, At Long Last
Article by Dr. H.K. Sehgal on Government Turns a Sensible Leaf, At Long Last also describes about Raging Controversy within Textile Family and some hopeful signs of it, It appeared that the Government
Reducing Carbon Footprint in Textile Manufacturing
WeylChem Catexel manufactures a catalyst that can reduce the bleaching temperature of cotton. This can have a significant impact to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the global cotton supply chain.
White gold, green future
Cotton, by & large, is the fibre that the textiles & apparel industry is made of. In this article Subir Ghosh highlight’s some trends that may decide cotton's future.
Sustainable practices for cotton farming in India
Sustainable Practices - Cotton is one of the most important fiber as well as cash crop. Sustainable Cotton Farming is essential for eco friendly textile industry.
Indian Cotton Issues and Textiles Industry
Indian Cotton Issues - Issues of Textile Industry in India like how to sustain the growth in cotton production which India had achieved over the years.
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