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Knit - Keys to Success for the Easily Distracted
Knit - Keys to Success for the Easily Distracted
Knitting: Technological compulsions of quality
Knitting: Technological compulsions of quality
India regains its third position as RMG supplier to UK
India regains third position to usa in RMG Supplier, RMG Export. Indias share has increased from 3.63% in 2003 to 6.09% in 2007. Woven Apparel constituted nearly 55% share during the last 3 years
Concepts of Knit Garments Merchandising
Article on Knit Garments Merchandising Concepts explain Functions of Merchandisers such as Sample order execution, Costing, Programming and many more by M.R. Karthikeyan only at Fibre2fashion.
Global market for performance apparels
Global Market of Performance Apparels has more than 30 million units are sold account for average sales of $3 billion annually. Woven Performance Apparels consist of visibly coated Jackets, and Pants
Bangladesh: Knit apparel exports exceeds the target
Overall exports of the Bangladesh recorded an increase of 15.87 percent and accounted for US$14.110 billion in financial year 2007-08. Read to know more.
Learn how to knit - Do Knitting Patterns Leave You All Fingers And Thumbs
Learn how to knit - Do Knitting Patterns Leave You All Fingers And Thumbs
Physical & comfort properties of spun silk knitted fabrics
Spun silk knitted fabrics have higher bursting strength, higher abrasion resistance, higher air permeability, better wicking, higher shrinkage and lower drape as against the comparable Cotton Knitted
Weft knitted fabrics and derivatives
The fabric structure is the fundamental unit that controls all properties of weft knitted fabrics. S Senthil Kumar discusses derivatives of structures in weft knitted fabrics, besides the properties,
Bio Polishing of Knit Goods
Bio Polishing for Knit Goods. Bio Polishing removes projecting fibres to improve the texture and appearance of fabrics. Biopolishing,Biopolishing Enzymes increase smoothness, better drapeability,
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