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Physical & comfort properties of spun silk knitted fabrics
Spun silk knitted fabrics have higher bursting strength, higher abrasion resistance, higher air permeability, better wicking, higher shrinkage and lower drape as against the comparable Cotton Knitted
Value Addition in Cotton Yarn Dyeing by Tulactiv XLE
Value Addition In Cotton Yarn Dyeing By Tulactiv XLE, Cotton, The King Of Apparel Textile Substrates, Has The Purest Form Of Natural Cellulosic Fiber And Owing To Its Inherent Characteristics Is The
The new Truetzschler BO-P scores over in Coimbatore Polytex, Coimbatore
The Premier Mills Group is a long established and well-known manufacturer and exporter of fine combed cotton yarn, producing over 18 million kg of fine combed cotton yarn every year. One of the units
Effect of Laundering of Cotton Knitted Fabrics with Different Detergents on the Dimensional Stability and Colour Fastness
Effect of Laundering of Cotton Knitted Fabrics with Different Detergents on the Dimensional Stability of single jersey knitted fabrics made from 100% cotton and Laundering of Cotton Fabric.
Effect of Heat Setting and Compacting on Elastic Properties of Cotton/Spandex Knitted Fabrics
Heat Setting And Compacting Elastic Properties Of Cotton, Spandex Knitted Fabrics. Stretch Fabrics From Elastomeric Yarns Having High Elastic Properties, Spandex Core Cotton Spun Yarn Converted
The Development of Apparel Industrial Cluster in India - A Comparison between Ludhiana & Tirupur
Ludhiana Knitwear Cluster vs. Tirupur Apparel Clusters - An Article about Comparison of Knitwear Clusters in Ludhiana and Tirupur. Ludhiana famous for woolen knitting wear and Tiruppur concentrate on
Power your mp3 Player through your Fabric!
Article By Fibre2fashion, Power Your Mp3 Player Through Your Fabric, Cotton Threads Have Come Up With Many Novel Inventions That One Cannot Visualize, Thread Will Be A Natural Fibre, Knots In This
Impact of Proposed EU duty Concessions on Pakistan’s Textile Industry: An analysis
Impacts of EU Duty Concessions for Pakistan Textile Industry: EU gives concessions for Pakistan Woven Garments, Knitted Garments, Home Textiles, Cotton Yarn & Fabrics, Synthetic & Polyester,
Budget 2010 -11: Continuing Discomfort
Ahmad General Mills – Manufacturer, Exporters Of Value Added Textile Sector From Woven Garments To Knitted Garments, Leather Garments To Home Textiles, Footwear To Hospitality Industry, Its Production
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