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A Study on Spirality of Single Jersey Knitted Fabric
The Study on Spirality of Single Jersey Knitted Fabric & Spirality of Knitted Fabric. Yarn tension, No. of feeders and Stitch length on the spirality of single jersey knitted fabrics.
A New Concept to Minimize Loom Stoppage Time during Knotting Operation and to Improve Productivity
Loom Knitting Operation: Loom Knitting Techniques reduces the knotting operation time by Knotting Machine while it increases the efficiency of the knitting loom. For better understanding of Minimize
The Development of Apparel Industrial Cluster in India - A Comparison between Ludhiana & Tirupur
Ludhiana Knitwear Cluster vs. Tirupur Apparel Clusters - An Article about Comparison of Knitwear Clusters in Ludhiana and Tirupur. Ludhiana famous for woolen knitting wear and Tiruppur concentrate on
Nitty-gritty of knitted geotextile
Knitted geotextile demand is rising in developed countries. Applications of knitted geotextile ranges from reinforcement of streets, embankments, ponds, pipelines & similar applications.
Variation in Export-quality Knitted Hosiery Fabrics Manufactured by Pakistan Textile Industry
The Knitwear (Hosiery) Industry Is Playing A Vital Role In Value Addition Of Textile Sector. In The Export Field, The Hosiery Knitwear Industry Of Pakistan Has Managed To Make A Big Name In Many
Elements of Circular Knitting
Learn about Circular Knitting elements, Circular Knitting industry Elements. Article on Circular Knitting elements, Circular Knitting industry Elements, Circular Knitting Machines and many more at
Choosing Rainwears
Choose the most appropriate fabric for your raincoat or other rain-wear. There are three types: water-resistant, completely waterproof and ultralight waterproof
Influence of Tightness Factor on Spirality of Plain Weft Knitted Fabric
The spirality of plain weft knitted fabric is obtained when the wale is not perpendicular to the course, forming an angle of spirality with vertical direction of the fabric.
Knitting Instructions – Learn The Basics Of Knitting And Beyond
Knitting Instructions – Learn The Basics Of Knitting And Beyond
Knitting Scheme Development - From Art to Science
Article on Commercial Knitting Scheme and Flat Knitting Technology is one of the most important technological inventions for knitwear design and production process evolved from cut-and-sewn piece
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