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Dimensional Characteristics of Preshrink Resin Treated Spun Viscose Weft Knitted Fabrics
Uses of Weft Knitted Fabric - Weft Knitted fabrics are preferred as clothing materials in many kinds of application especially in under garments and easy care outer garments.
Influence of Biopolishing Enzymes on Physical Properties of Cotton Knit Goods
Article on Biopolishing Enzymes Influence and Influence of Biopolishing Enzymes on Physical Properties of Cotton Knit Goods by Chinta S. K., Landage S. M. & Ketan Verma only at Fibre2fashion.
Effect of Heat Setting and Compacting on Elastic Properties of Cotton/Spandex Knitted Fabrics
Heat Setting And Compacting Elastic Properties Of Cotton, Spandex Knitted Fabrics. Stretch Fabrics From Elastomeric Yarns Having High Elastic Properties, Spandex Core Cotton Spun Yarn Converted
Pre-Treatment of Knitted Fabrics Made of Different Grade Cotton Fibers
Pre-treatment process of knitted fabrics made from different grade cotton fibers with variable physicochemical properties including acid demineralization, one bath scouring, peroxide bleaching and
Knitting comes full circle with machines
Advantages and Benefits Circular Knitting Machinery - The Circular Knitting Machines contains equivalent rows as in flat knitting and it is done in spiral, which is also used to knit in circular
Three Dimensional Seamless Garment Knitting On V-Bed Flat Knitting Machines
Three Dimensional Seamless Garment Knitting On V-Bed Flat Knitting Machines
Value Addition in Cotton Yarn Dyeing by Tulactiv XLE
Value Addition In Cotton Yarn Dyeing By Tulactiv XLE, Cotton, The King Of Apparel Textile Substrates, Has The Purest Form Of Natural Cellulosic Fiber And Owing To Its Inherent Characteristics Is The
A study on improving the Knitting Machine Efficiency
Knitting Machine Efficiency & Machine Production Efficiency- Report for Speed factor and its effect on production & efficiency of the weft knitting machine which achieves less defective
Textile fabrics: A global overview - Part I
Textile Fabrics has always played a vital part of our everyday life as it serves various purposes. Rise in the material costs, Chinese manufacturers are now upgrading their machineries to improve
High speed circular knitting machine for chainette cords
High performance machine for the production of any chainette cords, to be used in passementerie as well as ear loops for surgical face masks.
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