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The world of textiles: Sustainable fashion and ethical clothing
Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Clothing, Eco Friendly clothes is an Environment Friendly Apparel, Environment Friendly Clothing made by analyzing the consumers attitudes and social implications also
Plant and animal fibres
Plant and animal fibres - This article mainly aims at studying plant and animal fibres, Learn how Fibres like, Cotton, Linen, Jute, Silk, Corn, Wool, Spider, Coir, Yak Fibre used in the textile
Starch Amide Produced from Tamarind Kernel Powder
During the formation of fabric by weaving machine (loom) in textile mill, the warp yarns undergo a lot of stress, strain and abrasion.
Redefining Khadi by Embellishment with Ribbon Work
Article By Rena Mehta, Redefining Khadi By Embellishment With Ribbon Work, To Develop Design On Khadi Fabric Embellished With Ribbon Technology, Majority Of The Respondents Liked To Wear Khadi
New Vistas in Weaving Trends
Article By S. Aishwariya, New Vistas In Trendy Weaving, Art Of Swifting The Warp & Weft In A Precised And Systematic Manner Called Weaving, India And Its Weaving History Dates Back To The
'Jamdani' - Fabrics from the singing looms of Bengal
Article By Fibre2fashion, Jamdani, Fabrics From The Singing Looms Of Bengal, Jamdani Is One Of The Most Beautiful Textiles Of Bengal. Jamdani Means, A Vase Of Flowers, Mostly Used In The Making Of
Article By Fibre2fashion, Luxury, Indulgence, Velvet, Luxurious Fabric With Exclusive History And Made From Different Kinds Of Fibres, Durability And Richness Of Velvet Fabrics Make It An Ideal Choice
Indian Textile Sector on Ventilator
Last Year Among All The Sectors That Were Badly Hit By The Squeezing Of The Global Vis--Vis The Indian Economy, It Was The Textile Sector. The Contribution Of Textile Sector, According To The Annual
A Synopsis of Dexterity and Skills of Chirala Cluster
Article By Fibre2fashion On Synopsis Of Dexterity And Skills Of Chirala Cluster, The Products Of The Chirala Cluster Are Sarees, Dress Material, Real Madras Handkerchiefs, Lungies, Shritings,
Plasma Technology Applications in Textile Networking
Read Article on Plasma Technology Applications in Textile Networking, Plasma Treatment in Textile Technology, Plasma Treatment on Wool, Prospective Alternative for Wet Processing, Plasma Treatment on
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