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High speed circular knitting machine for chainette cords
High performance machine for the production of any chainette cords, to be used in passementerie as well as ear loops for surgical face masks.
Stretch it- The need for elastic seams
Knitted Stitches: Selecting the right types of stitches is decisive for thread quantity in the seam. Various types Stretch forming techniques, Construction of Knitted Stitch and advantages of Stitches
Various Wastage Areas of a Knitting Floor and Minimizing Procedure
Wastage Areas of a Knitting Floor and Minimizing Procedure - An Article about Wastage Areas of a Knitting Floor and Reason for Wastage Occurs in Knitting Floors, Yarn Wastage in Knitting Floor, Faulty
Knitted Spacer Fabric - Manufacturing Techniques and Application
Knitted Spacer Fabric: Manufacturing techniques and Applications of 3d Spacer Fabrics are knitted fabrics and 3d spacer fabrics. Knitted Spacer Fabric,Spacer Fabric,3d Knitted Spacer Fabric,3d Spacer
Emerging Technologies in Warp Knitting
Emerging Technologies in Warp Knitting
Seamless Garments - An Overview
Read Article on Seamless Garment Technology, Seamless Knitting Machines, Technical Issues with Seamless Garment, Advantages of Seamless Garments, Difference between Cut and Sew Production and Fully
Power your mp3 Player through your Fabric!
Article By Fibre2fashion, Power Your Mp3 Player Through Your Fabric, Cotton Threads Have Come Up With Many Novel Inventions That One Cannot Visualize, Thread Will Be A Natural Fibre, Knots In This
Knitting Information
Knitting Information
The History of Knitting
The History of Knitting
Africa offers potential market for Bangladeshi Knitwear
Knitwear Industry Is The Most Significant Component In The Textile Industry Of Bangladesh And Knitwear Manufacturers Of Bangladesh Propose To Explore Potential Market In African Countries And Awi) Has
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