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Denim for All Seasons
Denim for All Seasons
Denim in Vintage Look
Denim in Vintage Look
Faithfully yours, forever
The enduring fabric has kept pace with evolving fashion trends, deftly twining with special yarns to create fusion fabrics and clothing like never seen before.
It's in Milan's Jeans
The first fashion school for professionals in the field of denimwear and jeanswear is set to open in Italy's fashion capital Milan with a twoweek workshop, reports Cristiana Bonzi
The way of life
One of the most noteworthy elements that denim has introduced into the Kolkata dress culture is that it has subtly been able to fade out that distinct demarcation between how the rich dress up and how
Technology of Denim Production: Part- V
Grey Denim Fabric: Technology of Grey Denim Fabric Production and Grey Denim Fabric Process includes Finishing of Grey Denim Fabric,Denim Finishing Process,Grey Denim Finishes.
Denim Processing
Article on Denim Processing methods like pretreatment of denim, terms of denim as well as types of denim washes like chemical wash of jeans, mechanical washes of denim, Enzyme washing, denim
Recycle, Reuse & Reduce: new life for old denims
Recycled Denim - Old denims, denim fabric, denim jeans, denim clothing, denim shoes can be recycled into insulation material and 300 tons of waste denim generally used for landfill can be transformed
How Denim Made Its Way in India
Kids/Womens/Mens Denim India – Demands & Trends in India for Mens Denim, Womens Denim, Kids Denim, Fashion Denim, Jeans, Shirts, Jackets will increase denim production in India.
India Dresses up World in Denim
Denim Market: Denim Market India will be #1 in Global Denim Market because China has reduced its cotton acreage. Many Denim Mills and Denim Manufacturers in India now expanding its production and
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