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Are you Wearing a 'Greener' Denim?
Article By Fibre2fashion, Are You Wearing Greener Denim, Eco Denim, New Generation For Denim Apparels, International Brands, Kuyichi, Levis, Serfontaine, Arne & Carlos, Linda Loudermilk, And
Eco Friendly Garment Finishes
Article By J. Anton Arputha Raj On Eco Friendly Garment Finishes And The Processing Of Whole Range Of Ready Garments From Shirt, T-Shirt, Trouser, Jacket To All Types Of Clothing And In Denim Industry
INVISTA licenses mills to practice dual core technology
INVISTA announced it had purchased Cone Denim's dual core patent portfolio. The patent estate covers a broad variety of dual core yarns, fabrics, and garments made from those fabrics, which are sold
Winter clothes can be stylish and comfortable too
Fashionable Winter Clothes, Stylish Winter Clothing like Sweaters, Fur jackets, Denim Coats made from Winter Clothing Materials like Wool, Leather, Denim, Fur.
Stretchable denim: A review
There are two categories of stretch denim, based on the degree of stretch ability they are also power or action stretch and comfort stretch.Read More
Biotechnology in Textiles
Biotechnology In Textiles helps Textile Industry for Seeking New Sources of Innovation. Biotechnology Makes Possible To Produce Cotton With Improved Fiber Features. Biostoning Of Denim Jeans Achieved
Hong Kong Fashion Week - World Boutique Win Accolades both From Exhibitors and Buyers
Hong Kong Fashion Week Exhibitors, Hong Kong Fashion Week Buyers Introduce Denim Arcade, Handbags Select and Salon of Scarves and Shawls in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall Winter the largest event in
Resurgent India - 3rd Edition of Denimsandjeans India brings focus on Indian market and supply base
The growth of Indian markets is no more a hidden story and has been the reason why many international brands and retailers have been flocking to the world's fastest growing economy. The growth story
Cotton Trade | US-Mexico: A shift in balance
The cotton industry in Mexico is booming and has reached its best since 1970. And, this rise has negatively impacted US cotton exports to Mexico. A Fibre2Fashion report. Mexico is a major importer of
Lingerie Guide - Camisoles
Article By Vlad Vovin On Lingerie Guide – Camisoles, These Camisoles Are Usually A Set With A T-Shirt Style Top And Known As Romantic Sexy Nightwear In The Under Garment World And Can Have A Cami Worn
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