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Lyocell denim garment washes: An overview
Classical denim is a heavy fabric made from 100 per cent cotton and woven from coarse indigo dyed warp and grey undyed weft yarn. It has hard-wearing, high density fabrics with a high mass per unit
Denim companies answer to the call for sustainable jeans
Sustainable denim manufacturing is helpful to tackle environmental issues. Sustainable denim processing has become essential to reduce environmental consequences.
Women & Fashion Denims
About 80 years ago, Levi Strauss and Co., forever changed women's fashion by introducing Lady Levi's Jeans - the world's first jeans exclusively for women.
Destination denim
India is now being looked upon by a number of global denim manufacturers as an emerging export region, owing to its high availability of cotton and quality standards.
India: Denim Destination
The forcast for global denim market is to reach $64.1 billion by 2020 & currently India has a denim manufacturing capacity of 1.2 billion meters per annum.
Denim: The Forever Classic! Here’s Why?
No matter the occasion you are dressing up for – party, work, or casual outings.Denim is a forever classic. With a wide variety of clothing options, denim is ruling the fashion industry. From
Destination Europe: It's still all in the jeans
The jeans market of the European Union remains an attractive exports destination, with the size of the market being € 4.6 billion. Read to know more.
6 Top Denim Trends Millennials Are Chasing
Fashion lovers are investing more in denim than ever. Brands are focusing on making the perfect pair of jeans to meet the demands and needs of their conscious consumers. New denim trends are more
Indian Denim Industry: An Overview
Over the period, Dungaree became denim, and apparel and textile manufacturers commenced the use of material to make various clothes, inclusive of denim, shirts, skirts, and dresses. Both the terms –
Top 5 Luxurious Brands Shaping the Denim Industry
No matter what’s the occasion, denim is all-set to catch the eyeballs with countless styles. Denim has always ruled the fashion industry like no other fabric. However, jeans weren’t still the fashion
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