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Vintage Denim At What Cost To Environment?
Vintage Denim Garments demand is any day increasing day by day and processing of denim garments has an adverse impact on environment in number of ways.
Technology of Denim Production: Part-I
Denim Manufacturing Process Explained: Denim Production Process & Yarn Manufacturing Process includes spinning, dyeing, sizing, weaving and finishing process. Blow Room Machinery, Rotor Spinning
Green Edge of Blue Denim
Green Edge Denim: Eco Friendly Denim Comes in Denim Industry with Eco Friendly treatments. Various Eco Friendly Denim Processing techniques like Desizing, Denim Bleaching Techniques and Laser
Quality Assurance in Denim
Denim Quality Assurance: Denim Quality Management in Denim mill can thus significantly help in achieving the objectives and defined as the planned and systematic activities implemented in a system for
Ozone: A Tool for Denim Processing
Over The Last Eight Years, Ozone Has Made A Prominent Place For Itself In The Garment Processing Industry All Over The World. Widely Used As A Bleaching Agent, Ozone Remains A Powerful, Secret Tool
Technology of Denim Production: Part-VI
Denim Bleaching Treatments: Denim Washing Techniques such as rinse wash, bleach, enzyme wash, acid wash, stonewash, moon wash, sand wash, sun wash for its shades, design and attractive style. Learn
The Denim Jeans Scenario in the US
Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor do survey on The Denim Jeans Scenario in the US. Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor survey includes Price Pressures Decreasing in us market get the details
Driving Demand for Denim Jeans
Demands for Denim Jeans have been increased which increased the competition in Denim Jeans Market. Study reveals dissatisfaction with clothing quality is the highest for denim jean purchases.
Denim trends for A/W 2013-2014
Denim trends for fall winter 2013-14 for women will have fresh looks and amazing styles. Autumn Winter 2013-2014 denim trends for Men also consist intriguing designs.
Denim in the perspective of a ‘Fashion Garment’
Denim Fashion Garment is now day become Fashion icon for the teenagers. Denim Clothing was manufacturers for minor but now day denim jeans becomes fashion icon for the youngsters.
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