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Denim Today and Tomorrow
Article By Aamir Akhtar, CEO At Lifestyle Fabrics, Denim, Arvind Ltd Spoke On The Business Potential Of Denim Fabrics As Of Date And In The Future And Presented Statistical Data On Production And
The EU Market for Denim Jeans
Article By New Cloth Market On The EU Market For Denim Jeans As This Survey Aims To Provide Developing Country Exporters Of Denim Jeans With Product Specific Market Information Related To Gaining
India Dresses up World in Denim
Denim Market: Denim Market India will be #1 in Global Denim Market because China has reduced its cotton acreage. Many Denim Mills and Denim Manufacturers in India now expanding its production and
Bombay to Goa: Journey of the Denim
Denim History: Textile Industry probably produced Denim more than woven fabric. Elastic Weft Denim Fabric is one of best denim growth product. Lycra Yarn used in stretchable denim fabric due to
Effects on Denim Fabrics
Effects on Denim Fabrics & Denim Sandblasting: Two methods of sand blasting of denim fabrics for Denim Garment manufacturers. Different types of effects on denim fabrics and garments demands by
The Chinese Denim Market
The Chinese Denim Market
Denim Jeans In European Market
Denim Jeans In European Market
Antimicrobial Finishing Of Denim Fabric
Denim Fabric Antimicrobial Finishing: Antimicrobial Finishing Of Denim Fabric Using Methanolic And Aqueous Extract Of Selected Medicinal Herbs. Antimicrobial Finishing of Denim Fabric available in the
Denim Forever strong
Strengh of denim makes possible to wear it effortlessly in rough conditions. Durability of denim garments arrives from weave known as twill weave that helps it undergo a lot of friction.
Denim Fabrics: Recent developments
Denim fabrics developments are focused on comfort, performance & environment friendliness of different processes. Read to know more.
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