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Interview: Mr B Sriramulu, MD, KG Group
Mr B Sriramulu is Managing Director of Kg Group,KG Denim Limited. Mr B Sriramulu Shares his analysis on current denim market world over.
Interview: Gianluigi Candiani, President, TRC Candiani S.p.A
Gianluigi Candiani is the Presidnt of TRC Candiani S.p.A. Gianluigi Candiani share his expertise about denim market and retail sector As well as shares the new innovations in the denim market and
Interview: Sandeep Agarwal, Director, Denimsandjeans
Denimsandjeans is a trade fair that provides a global platform for interaction and business for the denim community. Director Sandeep Agarwal talks about the highs and lows of the Indian denim
Interview: Claudio Grotto, President & Founder, Grotto spa-GAS
Claudio Grotto is the President & Founder of Grotto spa-GAS. Claudio Grotto share his views on high quality denim and also commented on Denim means a long-established thick blue fabric and many more
Interview: Mr Ricardo Weiss, CEO, Tavex Corporation
Interview with Mr Ricardo Weiss CEO Of Tavex Corporation Discussing on Tavex became the largest provider of value added denim in the world. And global denim market and future prospects of workwear
Interview: Sanjay Vakharia, COO, Spykar Lifestyle
Sanjay Vakharia is the COO of Spykar Lifestyle, shares his vision for the company and why denim will continue to be a staple for all wardrobes in the years to come in an interview with
Interview: Flavio Tonello, CEO, Tonello
Flavio Tonello is the CEO of Tonello talks about the revolutionary technological innovations at the company and denim finishes trending this season with Fibre2Fashion.com
Interview: Miguel Sanchez, Head of Special Dyes -Textile specialties, Archroma
Miguel Sanchez is the Head of Special Dyes, textile specialties at Archroma talks about why would we need your ‘Rational Denim’ collaboration in an interview with Fibre2Fashion.com
Interview: Kutubuddin Ahmed, Chairman, Envoy Textiles Ltd
Envoy Textiles Ltd, Chairman, Kutubuddin Ahmed discusses about USP of the company in terms of denim production, Research and Development in Face2Face interview.
Interview: Sanjay Vakharia, Director - Marketing, Spykar
Sanjay Vakharia is the Director of Marketing, at Spykar. Sanjay Vakharia talks about the Indian denim industry.
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