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Quality characteristics of Ring and O.E. yarns spun from Egyptian and Upland cotton blends
Egyptian cotton variety is of higher quality than the upland cotton Blends especially in fiber strength, length uniformity, fiber fineness, and elongation. Open End Spun Yarns have a coefficient of
Egyptian Jewelry
Egyptian Jewelry
Organic cotton A sustainable choice
The cost of production and purchasing conventional cotton is less, but for the well-being of the land and farm workers, organic cotton is the best choice. Read More
Ancient Egyptian Clothes
Ancient Egyptian Clothes
TAI efforts to make Vidarbha India's cotton hub & spinning capital
Namita Bhagat throws light on the initiatives of the Textile Association of India (TAI) in Maharashtra's Vidarbha region focussed on the cotton sector
Africa has a Chance
The 2019 conference of the African Cotton Association in Bamako (Mali) revealed a lack of progress in the African cotton sector, reports Jozef De Coster. There's much frustration in the African cotton
Cotton dust - Impact on human health and environment in the textile industry
Cotton dust is defined as dust present in the air during the handling or processing of cotton which may contain a mixture of many substances including ground up plant matter, fiber, bacteria, fungi,
How Yarn Prices and Cotton Costs Changed During 2001-05?
How Yarn Prices and Cotton Costs Changed During 2001-05?
Outlook for global cotton production
The global production of cotton was 123 million bales (480 lb each) in MY 2017/18, which increased by 2.27 per cent to 121.30 million bales in MY 2019/20.
Development of cotton-rich/poly(lactic acid) fibre blended yarns
The fibres are blended together in certain proportions so that the final product has all the positive attributes, say R. Guruprasad and three other authors.
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