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Shift in textile industry since COVID
The textile industry which had really slowed down at the initial stages of the lockdown due to pandemic has started showing signs of recovery.
Cotton dust - Impact on human health and environment in the textile industry
Cotton dust is defined as dust present in the air during the handling or processing of cotton which may contain a mixture of many substances including ground up plant matter, fiber, bacteria, fungi,
How Yarn Prices and Cotton Costs Changed During 2001-05?
How Yarn Prices and Cotton Costs Changed During 2001-05?
Outlook for global cotton production
The global production of cotton was 123 million bales (480 lb each) in MY 2017/18, which increased by 2.27 per cent to 121.30 million bales in MY 2019/20.
Jewish Jewelry and Egyptian Jewelry for your Wedding
Jewish Jewelry and Egyptian Jewelry for your Wedding
Cotton versus Polyester: The “Race to Bottom” Price War
The price race between two of the most famous fabrics has always been on the top of discussion in the textile and apparel market.Cotton is ruling the textile industry since its inception. While
4 Cotton Fabric trends dominating the textile market across the globe
A great many qualities of cotton fabrics – versatile, hypoallergenic, considerate, low maintenance, better breathe, clinging-free, comfortable, no pilling, no distortion in shape, and eco-friendly has
Africa Cotton: No Longer Hanging by a Thread
African cotton, beyond Egypt, is hardly ever talked about. Efforts are under way in many African nations to overcome the problems holding the sector back.
Xinjiang Fallout: Opportunity Risk for India
The Indian cotton textile industry is facing a historic opportunity following the boycott of cotton and other goods produced in China’s XUAR by Western countries.
Sustainable cotton: Seeding an idea
GM seeds have a 95% monopoly on the seed market, making it almost impossible for small-scale farmers who want to cultivate Fairtrade or organic cotton to source non-GM seeds. A seed breeding project
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