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Fabric Faults
Fabric Faults - Common Fabric Defects are broken ends, weft curling, floats, broken picks, stitching, holes, oil spot, shedding and colored spot on fabric.Some of these fabric defects are visible,
Fabric Identification
Fabric Identification
Outdoor fabric
When selecting the men’s apparel for the outdoors you need to take benefit of new fabrics that are accessible. Read to know about the best fabric for outdoors.
The Fabric of the Future
The Fabric of the Future
Eco-Friendly Fabric
Eco-Friendly Fabric With Pros And Cons Including Bamboo Fabric-Soft Touch, Stronger Fabric, Breathable To Stay Cool In Summer And Warmer In Winter, Silk Fabric-Natural Protein Fiber Good For Allergic
Nonwoven Fabric
Nonwoven Fabric
Crushed fabrics
The Crushed Fabric is then dried in a tumble dryer. Crushing velvet clothes will produce two types of fabrics such as crushed velvet, panne velvet. Crushed Silk Fabrics are first manufactured and then
They're smart, and they're fabrics
Smart fabrics are special fabrics which can sense and respond to environmental conditions or impetuses from mechanical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, electrical or other sources, says Market
Bamboo Fabrics
Bamboo Fabrics
Fabric Hand on Light Weight Summer Knitted Fabric
Light Weight Summer Knitted Fabric - Fabric Hand on a lightweight, plain weave fabric, Summer Knit and semi-sheer usually made of cotton or cotton blends. Hand and drape are two aesthetic fabric
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