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Fabric and Garment Finishing: Basic Washes in Denim Fabric
Read Article on Fabric and Garment Finishing, Basic Washes in Denim Fabric, The History of Denims, Types of Denim Washes, Limitations of acid wash, Limitations of stone washing and Factors Influencing
Recycled Fabric : Sustainable Fabric or Not...
Sustainable Fabric made from Recycled Textile Waste? Benefits of Sustainable Fabrics and Recycled Textile Waste
Deciding the Fabric Features with Weaving Patterns
Fabric weaving patterns varies as per the chosen structure of design. Weaving patterns of fabrics can be simple or complex but they determine fabric features.
Fabric Pill Formation for Commercially Available Fabrics
A study on fabric pill formation for commercially available fabrics. Also lists some of the the parameters that would influence pilling under yarn category and more accurate details in an article at
Fabric Finishes: Functional & Aesthetic
Fabric Finishes: Types of textile fabric finishing such as Functional fabric finishes & Aesthetic fabric finishes. Learn more about Textile Fabric Finishes, and Textile Fabric Finishing.
Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabric
The Kawabata Evaluation System (KES) Is Used To Make Objective Measurements Of Hand Properties, Kes Instruments Measure Mechanical Properties That Correspond To The Fundamental Deformation Of Fabrics,
A Brief Story on Silk Fabric
Article By Michele Carelse Stephen, A Brief On Silk Fabric Story, Many Types Like Art Silk, Viscose, Chiffon Fabric, Stretch Fabric, Tissue, Cotton And Silk Are Man Made Fabrics, Four Types Of Natural
Linen Fabric Formation
Traditionally linen has been used in production of relatively simple woven fabrics such as sheeting, towel, sheers, drills or complex fabrics as damasks.
A Fabric Hammock is Casual Chic
A Fabric Hammock is Casual Chic
Antimicrobial Finishing Of Denim Fabric
Denim Fabric Antimicrobial Finishing: Antimicrobial Finishing Of Denim Fabric Using Methanolic And Aqueous Extract Of Selected Medicinal Herbs. Antimicrobial Finishing of Denim Fabric available in the
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