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What is your favorite fabric to wear?
When looking for that perfect shirt, remember that natural fibers are often the best, especially linens and cottons for summer. Read to know more.
Fabric tweaking to become super-smart
Fabric tweaking to become super-smart
Fabric of colonial history
Cotton has wrapped itself around some of humanity's oldest civilizations. Today, it remains one of the most important raw materials for textiles that we use & wear.
The Genesis of a Yarn and Fabric Junkie
The Genesis of a Yarn and Fabric Junkie
Intelligent Fabric Structures
Intelligent Fabric Structures – Membrane Fabric Structure covered frame manufacturers association with members in fabric buildings, fabric covered buildings and fabric structure. Know more about
Seven Fabric Trends for 2019
Recycling and Upcycling are two of the biggest trends of the new year. Bionic Yarn and Sea2See are just two suppliers that have been recycling and upcycling plastic from the ocean into new apparel.
The Latest Fabric Innovations
From kelp textiles to biodegradable glitter, fashion pushes fabric to the limit.Fashion trends urged textile companies toward more creative and sustainable practices in the last decade. The next ten
Flame Retardant Fabric
Article By Omsai R. Bankar On Flame Retardant Fabric. Some Synthetic Fabrics Are Also Topically Treated. Most Flame Proofing Chemicals Are Water Soluble And Will Also Dissipate Through Dry Cleaning.
Whiteness Evaluation of a Fabric
Article By Ms Vijaya Shanbhag, Fabric Whiteness Evaluation, Sequence Of Processes Carried Out On Grey Cotton Cloth, Colour White Indication Of Truth, Number Of White Objects Such As Chalk Stick,
Modal: Fibre to Fabric
What is Modal Fibre and what is Modal Fabric: Modal fiber is cellulose fiber produced by viscose rayon fibers. Modal Fibre and Modal Fabric the alternative fibre made out of beech wood chippings. Read
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