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Vegan Fabrics on the Rise
How do leather, silk, and suede fabrics stand against their vegan alternatives? It is the question fashion fans everywhere are asking: "Will vegan fabrics ever replace genuine suede, leather, and
Innovation Convergence
Innovation would be at the heart of the Techtextil trade event that will be held in Frankfurt, Germany later this month. As exhibitors showcase their latest and the futuristic and buyers queue up to
Eco-Design: Focal Point of Sustainable Textiles
With rising awareness of slow fashion, sustainability, new-generation fibres, eco-friendly processing, sustainable packaging and assessment of product life cycles, S Aishwariya and S Greeshma discuss
Dyeing with herbs: Infusing medicine into textiles
A group of weavers in Kerala is charting a new chapter in sustainable textiles by making their own version of medicinal clothing using their traditional way.
VMS Fabrics benefiting with Karl Mayer Prosize sizing machine
VMS Fabrics Private Limited is a part of the well-known Lakshmi Enterprises, Ahmedabad, one of India’s leading trading houses for the supply of quality grey and dyed fabrics.
Crushed fabrics
The Crushed Fabric is then dried in a tumble dryer. Crushing velvet clothes will produce two types of fabrics such as crushed velvet, panne velvet. Crushed Silk Fabrics are first manufactured and then
Bamboo Fabrics
Bamboo Fabrics
They're smart, and they're fabrics
Smart fabrics are special fabrics which can sense and respond to environmental conditions or impetuses from mechanical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, electrical or other sources, says Market
3 Amazing Innovations Making Textile & Fashion World More Sustainable
Fashion is the second-largest polluting industry in the world. And the choice of textile plays an important role. “High time to make some sustainable choices”.For centuries, the fashion industry has
Textile Industry is Embracing Green Sourcing to Attain Sustainability
Sustainable sourcing is an integration of environmental, ethical and social factors through the entire sourcing process. Also, it includes buying sustainable products and services. Sustainable
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