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‘Reshape' fashion learning
Learning in the time of covid-19 is about upskilling, unlearning, and looking at everyday practices through a new lens. Fashion institutions need to adapt, re-align, rediscover and invent
The Power of the Non-Bra in Today's Fashion
It has never been more acceptable in fashion (and outside) to go braless. We've said goodbye to the days when push-up bras ruled our teenage lives, cut off our circulation, and ruined some of our best
Statistics about women's fashion industry
Women's fashion has contributed a lot globally. Probably because women are the most conscious people when it comes to what they wear plus the constant release of trending clothes.
Tennis, after a fashion
The connection between sports and fashion is intriguing, says A. Yaamini.At a glance, many may believe that sports courts are far from the ramp. Reality shows that sports and games which started as a
The Growth of Sustainable Fashion in Africa
There are over a billion people living on the continent of Africa, and not nearly enough accessible, sustainable fashion options to meet demand. This post will explore the reasons for the stunted
India’s Fashion Industry, Rejuvenated
2019 was a year of big changes in the Indian fashion industry. The new, improved market is more locally-based, eco-friendly, and unique than it has ever been before. On of the largest textile
In League with Fashion
Top Hungarian textiles-apparel companies disappeared after the collapse of communism, once made to compete with West European brands. The country now wants to lead the way with responsible fashion,
How fashion rules the world
How fashion rules the world by Tania Machowska - Free Fashion Industry Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion Article, Apparel Industry Articles,
Fashion designing - the then and now
Read Article on Fashion Designing History, Evolution of Fashion Designing and Growth of Fashion Design Industry. The origin of fashion designing dates as far back as 1826. Charles Frederick Worth is
Greening of Fashion
The Green Fashion India (GFI) event, this time in its sixth edition, saw industry leaders and experts addressing a sizeable crowd of fashion students. Meher Castelino reports.
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