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Plastic Isn't Fashionable
The Washington-based Natural Fibers Alliance is an environmental justice coalition that represents the interests of wool, leather, fur, and other naturally produced materials.
The Complexities of Circular Fashion
Circular fashion is a term used to describe a regenerative system in which clothing, shoes, and accessories are designed and produced to be circulated throughout society for as long as possible.
What are some latest fashion trends?
Catching up with the current fashion trends frequently necessitates having one step in history. According to specialists, fashion is circular, which implies that if you keep a long article, it will
Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit emphasises on fashion sustainability, Germany
The recently held Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit, that brought together leading industry stakeholders along with UN representatives and public officials, strongly focused on fashion sustainability. The
The Fashion Pyramid of brands
Many fashion retailers define their strategy starting from their value proposition and key positioning levers (assortment, price, experience, speed, channels…) to differentiate themselves from
Fashion Forward Fellowship on sustainable fashion unveiled, India
India's first fashion fellowship focused on water stewardship was launched recently to help emerging designers develop a holistic understanding of sustainable fashion. Spearheaded by The ReFashion Hub
When fashion said no to shahtoosh
It was as much about an endangered species being driven to the brink of extinction by luxury fashion, as it
Fashion on your Face
One of the biggest trends that the ongoing pandemic has wrought the world over is the mask.
How Cool is Sustainability in Fashion
Fashion sustainability is the new cool and is going mainstream, but some brands are still destroying products as a way to maintain exclusivity. In the meanwhile, more and more companies are filing
Fashion for Good presents overview of reusable packaging in fashion, Netherlands
Fashion for Good, a platform for sustainable fashion innovation, Utrecht University and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, have collaboratively authored a white paper that presents an overview of
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