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Fashion Designer, a Trend Setting Career
Fashion Designer, a Trend Setting Career
Designer Clothing On A Budget
Designer Clothing On A Budget
Fashion designer's perspective on fashion sewing
Classification of Fashion Sewing - Fashion Sewing is classified into two categories: Tailor stitching and Designer stitching. A tailor stitched outfit fits fairly and looks okay. Designers give more
IPR: Putting an end to heartbreaks for designers
Intellectual Property Rights in Fashion Industry - The infringement IPR in fashion industry not only discourages the designers, but it also impacts the economy.
Design And Logistics
Design And Logistics
Spoil Your Boys With Designer Clothing
Spoil Your Boys With Designer Clothing
Designer Lead for Sustainability - A Review
Various tools & methods have been emerging, including design for disassembly, recycling, selection of materials for green design.
Product Development: Concept and Reality
Article By Chanchal Kumar Kundu, Product Development: Concept And Reality, Paper Explores The New Product Development Process And At The Same Time Sketch Outs, Project Management That Is Employed To
Design Action and User Reaction
Design Action and User Reaction - Read article: How Design plays an intrinsic role in daily lives, From the sale of footwear to a techno driven automobile. Role of a Designer in Success of a product
User and Product Interaction A Review
Product ecology to incorporate emotional value in products. Article that focuses on Parameters required in a product to generate emotions in the user at Fibre2fashion.
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