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Ultrasonic Cleaning of Garment
Ultrasonic washing process used in industrial cleaning applications for many years. It is now being used for garment cleaning.
Indian Garment Exports Sliding
Indian Garment Exports On Downward - Interesting Article about the Fall In Indian Garment Exports creates crisis in labour intensive industries like ready made garments, electronic goods and gems and
The art of garment pattern grading
The Art of garment pattern grading - Garment Pattern Grading Techniques can be classified in the following two broad systems. Track Shift System or two dimensional grading and Draft Grade System or
How to save your zippers in garment dyeing
The inappropriate use of techniques and chemicals involved in garment dyeing can damage zippers. This article will share some tips to save them.
Will Currency War Impact Indian Garment Exports?
Indian Garment Exports: Will Currency War Impact Indian Garment Exports 2010, Indian Garment Exporters,Indian Garment Export Industry,Garment Exporters India. Indian Garment Exports can be affected by
Defects in garments
In the Garment Industry quality control of practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of final finished garment. There are some certain Defects in Garments like
Compression Garments
Compression Garments Are Also Known As Skin Tight Clothing Which Gives A Mild Compression On The Body And Muscles And The High Quality Yarns Are Used In These Garments. The Garments Are Manufactured
Appreciating Rupee - Escalating Garment Exporters' Woes
Appreciating Rupee - Escalating Garment Exporters Woes: Appreciation of Indian Rupee & its impact on the Indian Garment Exporters and Indian Economy. Read more Appreciating Rupee for Garment
Exports of Garments Drop in October
Article on Drop in Garment Exports, Garment Export Statistics, Decline in Garment Exports and Indian Readymade Garment Export Statistics. The figures are confirming the worst fears of Indian readymade
Wanted: New Skills for a New Garment Industry
Garment Industry Is Now Employing New Skills For Enhancing US Or EU Garment Business Mainly By East Asian Supplier and Employer In Garment Industry Also Discussing Garment Industry Job Requirements
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