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Organic Textiles Taking Off
Article By New Cloth Market, Organic Textiles Taking Off, Organic Cotton Textiles May Be Finished Using Harsh Chemical Dyes, Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer Patagonia, Offered Recycled Polyester Fleece,
Handloom Mark - The Assured Originality
Read Article on Handloom Mark, Standard of certification for Handloom Mark, Objective and Scope of Handloom Mark, Domestic Market Eligibility Criteria and Authenticity of Handloom and Handicraft. The
100% organic cotton integrated textile & apparel park
The concept of Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton Cultivation and apparels can become an attractive investment and business preposition for the Gujarat. There is a possibility of promoting such Integrated
Organic Cotton Clothing, Fabric and Garments
Organic Cotton Is One Of The Most Widely Used Fibers In The Textile World And Is Enormously Important, Organic Cotton Products Manufacturer Eliminates Toxic Chemicals, Organic Cotton Clothing Is Done
The Significance of "Eco-Labels" In Textile Sector
Eco-labels identify products, raw materials, or companies that meet a particular organization or government agencys standards in terms of organic content, sustainability or minimizing risks to humans,
Organic Cotton - Creating a New Era
Read Article on Use of Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton Farming, Processing on Organic Cotton and Benefits Organic cotton Apparel. Organic cotton farming is done without using Pesticides, Herbicides,
Green the New Clean in Chinese Textile Sector
An Article about Organic Chinese Apparel Clothing, Organic Clothes in China. Fashion Industry more Focusing on Produce Organic Clothing and Natural Clothing.
Outlook 2009 and Forecast on Indian Textile Sector
Read Article on Forecast on Indian Textile Sector, Global Economic Scenario, Impact on India Textile Sector, Textile exports Industry Scenario and Global Economy Statistics. On the global scenario,
Unfair Practices in Textile Industry in Guise of Globalization
Impact of Globalization in Textile Industry - Outsourcing in Textile Industry in Guise of Globalization, Pros and Cons of globalization in textile industry.
Standardization of recipe for dyeing
Glimpse of Standardized Dyeing Recipe used for Free Polyester, Cotton Fabrics , Cotton Blended Yarns. Materials & Methods, Dyes Used, Chemical and Auxiliaries, Methods, Dyeing Procedure,
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