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Luxury, Near Luxury & Standard Apparels - The Challenges Facing Fashion
Article By Fibre2fashion On The Challenging Facing Fashion and The Brand Positioning During The Tough Time As Brand Positioning Of Apparels is very Crucial Especially During The Times of Economic
Indian Textile & Clothing in Post-Quota World
Article by Samar Verma, Indian Textile & Clothing in Post-Quota World, The conference has been organized by Fibre2fashion, the leading global B2B website for the textile, apparel and fashion
Care Labeling in Apparels and Textiles
Care labeling for apparels is vital for any textiles manufacturer and supplier. Read more about importance of care labeling of textiles and various standards to be followed in an article at
The Effects of Different Fabric Types and Seam Designs on the Seams Efficiency
Article by New Cloth Market, The Effects of Different Fabric Types and Seam Designs on the Seams Efficiency, Fabricated textile products require joining fabric together by some means, main focus of
New dimensions to organic clothing
Article on how to make organic fabric and Demand of Organic Clothing, Demand of Organic Apparel, owing to fashion designers choosing environment friendly fabrics which are made up from west coffee
Organic cotton processing
Organic Cotton Processing, Organic Cotton Production means not only the absence of inorganic synthetic fertilizers and pesticides but it involves very careful planning of the whole farming
Blockchain In Fashion - A Necessary Step Towards Transparency And Sustainability
Everybody talks about 'Blockchain' these days but very few understand what it is. Moreover, there is not just only one blockchain, but thousands of blockchains. In simple terms, a blockchain is an
Sustainability-is not an option
Global Production of Textiles and Challenges for Textiles Industry: Global Textile Production process sustainably and reduces harm. Challenges for Textile Industry for decreasing production cost,
An overview of the global textile chemicals market
An overview of the global textile chemicals market
Outlook 2009, Q4 and Forecast on Indian Textile Sector
Outlook 2009, Q4 And Forecast On Indian Textile Sector, Global Economic Scenario, Impact On Indias Textile Sector, Domestic Textile Prospects, Textile Exports, On The Global Scenario, The Fuel And The
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