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Using jacquard fabric
Using jacquard fabric
Construction of Double Cloth Jacquard Designs
The construction of jacquard designs includes the preparation of a card cutting plan on squared paper Written by Selvam P.V.
CAD/CAM Support for Jacquard Based Textile Industry
Textile and Apparel CAD/CAM Support - The CAD/CAM system gives an opportunity for the production of all kinds of jacquard textures - basic jacquard, toweling fabrics, jacquard carpets and other
Barabanki Handloom Cluster: Dream House of Fashion for Women
The Barabanki handloom cluster produces a wide range of products that are in high demand in domestic markets. It is the heart of zari and applique-and-cut work. The Barabanki cluster falls in the
When computers meet textiles
Computers and textiles have become an important part of everyday life, say B Deepti Reddy, Ayodya Kavitha and Dr J Hayayadana. Once upon a time, and for centuries thereafter, computers did not have
Contemporary view for upholstery and curtain jacquard fabrics matching with woven hanging design
Fabric designing process in general and upholstery and curtain jacquard fabrics designing in particular is the complete plan for structuring a whole weaved product which can compete in international
Women's wear: Jacquards vs. Prints : What do Delhi women want?
Glimpse on Apparel Fashion Market of metro sexual Women like Jacquard fabrics, and Printed fabrics. Jacquard Fabrics weaving is costly. The different types of jacquard are: Brocatelle, Brocade and
Digital Weaving : Order & Complexity
Digital Weaving or Computer-Assisted Weaving :: Order & Complexity of Digital Weaving. Read article on Modern Weaving Technology.
Two-in-One, Figured Floor Carpets and Mats- By weft Tapestry Principle
This Article Deals About A New Type Of Two In One Fabric Produced In Weft Tapestry Principle Using Coarser Weft Yarn Producing Thick Fabric Suitable For Floor Carpets And Mats.
Generating Ornaments from Natural Texture Using the Computer
Article By M .M. Amer And T. S. Said On Generating Ornaments From Natural Texture Using The Computer That Realy Makes An Exclusive Pattern Ornaments And Natural Fashion Elements, More On
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