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Chinese Apparel Industry Repositioning Itself
Chinese Apparel Industry, Repositioning, Chinas Textile And Apparel Industry Likely To Continue For Some Time, Cutting Jobs By Hundreds Of Thousands, Macro-Economic Stability Source Of Competitive
Destination Madagascar
Madagascar expects the country's textiles and apparel industry to create 200,000 supplementary jobs in the next five years. The African country is among few in the world that has been seeing an
Textile laser-optical system for inspecting fabric structure and form
Article is based on Textile Laser-optical system for Inspecting Fabric Structure and form.The American textile industry has lost an estimated 400,000 jobs to offshore competitors since 1980. It is
Impact of recession in American economy on India
Article is based on Impact of Recession in American Economy on India. It emphasis on Stock markets & recession, Current crisis in the US, Impact of an American Recession on India, Counter
Problems faced by working women in the preferred dresses
The working women require clothes that are Problem Free Work Dress such stylish, Comfort Job Attire. Preferred Work Dress, Working Women Attire are Salwar-Kameez, free hang of dupatta (kameez), tying
Apparel Sector of Botswana: will stimulus packages get the industry on its feet again?
Botswana Textile and Apparel Sector of Botswana - Botswana Textile Sector Textile sector of the country generates low-skilled, youth oriented jobs providing livelihood for thousands of Botswana youth,
Wanted: New Skills for a New Garment Industry
Garment Industry Is Now Employing New Skills For Enhancing US Or EU Garment Business Mainly By East Asian Supplier and Employer In Garment Industry Also Discussing Garment Industry Job Requirements
Decline in Chinese cotton consumption impinges the Global Market
Decline In Chinese Cotton Consumption, Cotton Markets Drastic Fluctuations In Economic Crisis Of 2008, Increase In Financial Markets Causing Job Losses. USDA Cotton Outlook. China Largest Consumer Of
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