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Weft knitting and warp knitting are the two major varieties of knitting. Circular knitting is otherwise called as knitting in the round. It creates a seamless tube. Flat Stockinette Stitch is the most
Textile fabrics: A global overview - Part I
Textile Fabrics has always played a vital part of our everyday life as it serves various purposes. Rise in the material costs, Chinese manufacturers are now upgrading their machineries to improve
A study on improving the Knitting Machine Efficiency
Knitting Machine Efficiency & Machine Production Efficiency- Report for Speed factor and its effect on production & efficiency of the weft knitting machine which achieves less defective
Various Wastage Areas of a Knitting Floor and Minimizing Procedure
Wastage Areas of a Knitting Floor and Minimizing Procedure - An Article about Wastage Areas of a Knitting Floor and Reason for Wastage Occurs in Knitting Floors, Yarn Wastage in Knitting Floor, Faulty
Seamless Garments - An Overview
Read Article on Seamless Garment Technology, Seamless Knitting Machines, Technical Issues with Seamless Garment, Advantages of Seamless Garments, Difference between Cut and Sew Production and Fully
Yarn Tension Control during Knitting
Yarn Tension Control is the most important factor. The yarn input tension is as light as possible consistent with adequate yarn control. Yarn Tension control is affected by adjusting the knock-over
Knitting Information
Knitting Information
The History of Knitting
The History of Knitting
Knitting Machine Bargains for You
Knitting Machine Bargains for You
Which Knitting Yarns Should You Choose?
Which Knitting Yarns Should You Choose?
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