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Effect of Treated Natural Dyed Knit Mesh Material
Knit Mash Fabric - Effect of Treated Natural Dyed on Knit Mesh Material, Fabric Mesh Material, and Knit Mash Fabric was conducted to apply the selected natural dyes in conjuction with mordants. Cotton
Influence of Tightness Factor on Spirality of Plain Weft Knitted Fabric
The spirality of plain weft knitted fabric is obtained when the wale is not perpendicular to the course, forming an angle of spirality with vertical direction of the fabric.
Learn how to knit - Do Knitting Patterns Leave You All Fingers And Thumbs
Learn how to knit - Do Knitting Patterns Leave You All Fingers And Thumbs
Terrot's new transfer and relief technology offers enormous patterning variety
The name Terrot stands for quality and top performance in the production of electronic and mechanic controlled circular knitting machines, and innovations have a long tradition at Terrot. The latest
The new Truetzschler BO-P scores over in Coimbatore Polytex, Coimbatore
The Premier Mills Group is a long established and well-known manufacturer and exporter of fine combed cotton yarn, producing over 18 million kg of fine combed cotton yarn every year. One of the units
Production and business methods in the integral knitting supply chain
This article describes Integral Knitting Techniques and Complete Garment Techniques from a logistic and a technical point of view. The lack of knowledge in Supply Chain Design and a one-sided
Development of Single Jersey Fabric Using Fancy Yarn Produced From Rotor Spinning
Fancy Yarns Are Mainly Used For The Aesthetic Value Of The Textile Products. Yarn Was Produced Using Schlofhorst Open-End Spinning Machine. The Fancynation Is The Main Component Having Inbuilt
Dimensional Characteristics of Preshrink Resin Treated Spun Viscose Weft Knitted Fabrics
Uses of Weft Knitted Fabric - Weft Knitted fabrics are preferred as clothing materials in many kinds of application especially in under garments and easy care outer garments.
Quality Requirements for Hosiery Yarns
Article By Dr. K. P. Chellamani & M. K. Vittopa, Quality Requirements For Hosiery Yarns, The Tendency Of A Yarn To Shed Fly Or Lint During Any Mechanical Process Is Termed As Lint Shedding And
Applications of Seamless Technology
New Technology for Garments - In Seamless technology, yarn is directly made into apparel without any cutting and sewing.
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