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Comfort characteristics of Knitted Microfiber Fabrics
Comfort characteristics of Knitted Microfiber Fabrics
Influence of Tightness Factor on Spirality of Plain Weft Knitted Fabric
The spirality of plain weft knitted fabric is obtained when the wale is not perpendicular to the course, forming an angle of spirality with vertical direction of the fabric.
Correlation of Yarn Properties with Knitted Fabric Properties
Correlation of Yarn Properties with Knitted Fabric Properties - The number of faults in the fabric depends on the type of yarn manufacturing process, the type of raw material, process parameters, and
Pre-Treatment of Knitted Fabrics Made of Different Grade Cotton Fibers
Pre-treatment process of knitted fabrics made from different grade cotton fibers with variable physicochemical properties including acid demineralization, one bath scouring, peroxide bleaching and
Production and business methods in the integral knitting supply chain
This article describes Integral Knitting Techniques and Complete Garment Techniques from a logistic and a technical point of view. The lack of knowledge in Supply Chain Design and a one-sided
Terrot's new transfer and relief technology offers enormous patterning variety
The name Terrot stands for quality and top performance in the production of electronic and mechanic controlled circular knitting machines, and innovations have a long tradition at Terrot. The latest
On-Line Fabric Defect Detection and Full Control in Circular Knitting Machine
On-Line Fabric Defect Detection and Full Control in Circular Knitting Machine
Mechanism of Loop Formation Process in Knitting - A Review
Study on mechanism of loop formation process in knitting which is based on mathematical model and geometry of knitting zone. Go through a review on mechanism of loop formation process in an article at
Knit Processing-SDC Concept
The textile wet processing industry for apparel applications is considered to comprise of yarn dyeing, piece dyeing and Knit dyeing. SDC concept is also being used within it
Bio Polishing of Knit Goods
Bio Polishing for Knit Goods. Bio Polishing removes projecting fibres to improve the texture and appearance of fabrics. Biopolishing,Biopolishing Enzymes increase smoothness, better drapeability,
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