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Pre-Treatment of Knitted Fabrics Made of Different Grade Cotton Fibers
Pre-treatment process of knitted fabrics made from different grade cotton fibers with variable physicochemical properties including acid demineralization, one bath scouring, peroxide bleaching and
Weft knitted fabrics and derivatives
The fabric structure is the fundamental unit that controls all properties of weft knitted fabrics. S Senthil Kumar discusses derivatives of structures in weft knitted fabrics, besides the properties,
Organic Cotton Knitted Fabric vs. Regular Cotton Knitted Fabric
Article on Organic Cotton Knitted Fabric and Regular Cotton Knitted Fabric Performance & Comparative Study of Characteristics of Organic Cotton Knitted Fabric with Regular Cotton Knitted Fabric.
Physical & UV Protection Properties of Knitted Bamboo Fabrics
Properties of Knitted Bamboo Fabrics over Physical and UV protection innovated by latest manufacturing processes. Knit bamboo fabrics make you feel cool and comfortable.
Goller open width knit Merceriser
Mercerising is a treatment that adds value to cellulosic fabrics. It is a process of treatment of cotton or viscose fabric with highly concentrated caustic soda, under tension. Mercerisation is
Physical & comfort properties of spun silk knitted fabrics
Spun silk knitted fabrics have higher bursting strength, higher abrasion resistance, higher air permeability, better wicking, higher shrinkage and lower drape as against the comparable Cotton Knitted
Digital Printing of 100% Viscose Knit Fabric
Advantages of Digital Fabric Printing - High Precision printing is possible, Overall cost of producing a sample is cheaper, no limitation on repeat size etc.100% knit fabric digital printing is
Tecwin series soft flow dyeing machine from Fong's - A boon to knit dyers
Fong's has introduced the latest model soft flow dyeing machine 'Tecwin' for knitted fabrics. Tecwin combines some of the well-received design features of the latest model with a few novel elements
Stretch it- The need for elastic seams
Knitted Stitches: Selecting the right types of stitches is decisive for thread quantity in the seam. Various types Stretch forming techniques, Construction of Knitted Stitch and advantages of Stitches
ITMF Reports Record Levels in Global Shipments of New Textile Machinery in 2011
International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics, ITMSS Reports by International Textile Manufacturers Federation, ITMF. International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics, ITMSS Reports covered
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