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Competitiveness of the Knitwear Industry in Bangladesh
Read Information on Knitwear Industry in Bangladesh, Study of Industrial Development amid Global Competition, Features of the Knitwear Industry in Bangladesh, Frameworks for Estimation of Productivity
CAD Systems and the division of labour in knitwear design
Article is based on CAD Systems and the division of Labour in Knitwear Design. Design Process, CAD System Technology and the Knitwear Industry are aspects which are focused on CAD Systems in Industry.
Automation and CAD/CAM Adoption in Designing by Knitwear Industry of Ludhiana
Article By Harminder Kaur And Dr. (Mrs.) Satnam Dhillon , Automation And CAD/CAM Adoption In Designing By Knitwear Industry Of Ludhiana And Design Software For Knits Allows The Creation Of Knit
Time to head south
Industry associations in South India play a crucial role in voicing concerns and grievances of its members and lobbying with the government. Subir Ghosh presents views of a cross-section of
Design and development of low cost sanitary napkins using cotton knitwear waste
Sanitary Napkins is basically consist of three layers top layer, absorbent layer and barrier sheet. Methodology for developing Low Cost Sanitary using Cotton Knitwear Waste, Evaluation of the Branded
Continuous open width treatment of knitwear : A case study based on economics and quality
Continuous open width treatment of knitwear : A case study based on economics and quality
Mauritius's textile industry
Mauritius now faces growing competition from low cost suppliers elsewhere in the region & from Asian producers, especially since abolition of quotas. Read More.
Poland bids profitable opportunities for Indian apparel exporters
Indian Apparel Exporters has good business opportunities in Poland Apparel Market. Poland Imports huge quantities of Knitwear Apparel and Bodywear Apparel. Poland is the favorable market for Knitted
Overview of the Indian garment industry
Glimpse of Indian Garment Industry which is worth INR one trillion covering over 1 lac units & employs about 6 million workers. Read to know more.
Denser Knitwear Fabrics Block Ultraviolet Rays More Effectively
Article by Polly Chiu on Denser Knitwear Fabrics Block Ultraviolet Rays as Textile researchers in Hong Kong found that tightness factor and knit structures play an important role in preventing UV
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