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A Victorian Example of Cretan Lace
A Victorian Example of Cretan Lace could be regarded as a combination of two textile crafts - lace and embroidery.
Lace as Traditional and Contemporary Craft
Contemporary and Traditional Crafts - Contemporary Butterfly Lace Design. Lace, from European origin, is craft discipline and have healthy, progressive, contemporary and dynamic viewpoint, and useful
The Revival of Honiton Lace
Honiton Lace - Honiton Lace Patterns, Wedding Lace Patterns. Honiton lace is one of the most delicate of the English bobbin laces.
Colorful Stockings to Raise Your Style Quotient
Article on Stockings Fashion Trends, Stockings Manufacturing History. Fishnet Stockings Style is very popular to give the wearer a sexy look & Lace Stocking look Different, chic and sensuous with
Tatting: a value addition to garments!
Tatted Pattern is developed from sailors and fishers netting and decorative ropeworks. Tatted Lace is also termed as poor mans laces. It is a combination of open spaces and compact structure of
The bridal gown and the shape of things to come
Bridal Gown should reflect the Wedding Theme it could be a beaded outfit in silk and lace befitting a formal or traditional wedding. Body Types and Dress Silhouettes, Accessories and Hairstyles are
The Traditions of Culture Decoration & Creativity
Culture Decoration and Culture Creativity, Creative arts and culture Decoration in Moravian embroidery and laced apron border & Embroidery in Moravian Falls.
Using coarse wool through braiding machine for durable products
A braiding machine weaves strands of yarns to form rope, reinforced hose, covered power cords, types of laces by using cotton, polyester and nylon yarns.
Shoes: They really do make a difference
Shoes are a vital element to any outfit and look. for the For the formal office environment a closed or any occasion and often laced up smart leather or even fake leather Office Wear Shoe, Party Wear
'A peek into Men's Wardrobe' - Fashion for 2009
Mens Wardrobe 2009 And Mens Fashion For 2009. Men Taking Active Interest In Grooming Personality. Gradient Tones In Perfect Color Schemes. Deep V-Neck Shirts, Micro Patterns, Pin-Stripes,
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