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Interview: Tim Donnelly Smith, Marketing Director, Fits.me
Marketing Director of Fits.me Mr.Tim Donnelly Smith shares his views on new market place for irtual fitting room in an exclusive Face2Face interview at Fibre2fashion.
Interview: Christiane Thies, Marketing Department, Thies GmbH & Co. KG
A Talk with Christiane Thies from Thies GmbH & Co. KG.Christiane Thies on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Thies GmbH & Co. KG specialized in Manufacturing yarn and fabric dyeing machines having
Interview: Pierluigi Berardi, VP Marketing, Nilit Fibers
Nilit is a global producer and marketer of high quality nylon 6.6 fibres for apparel and other products. VP marketing, Pierluigi Berardi discusses the global demand for nylon 6.6 fibres and the future
Interview: Barbara Binder, Director-Global Marketing, Amann Group
Barbara Binder, director- global marketing, Amann Group talks about the latest innovations and future plans at the company.
Interview: Francesco Gozio, Head of Marketing, Marzoli
Marzoli is a leading manufacturer of the complete line of machines for opening, preparation and spinning of natural, man-made, technical and blending fibres. Head of marketing Francesco Gozio shares
Interview: Christiane Thies, International Marketing, Thies GmbH
Founded in 1892, Thies has concentrated on the fabrication of high-quality machines for yarn and piece dyeing and bleaching and drying equipment. Christiane Thies from the international marketing
Interview: Nitisha Kapur, Head of Marketing, Breakbounce Streetwear
A Talk with Nitisha Kapur from Breakbounce Streetwear.Nitisha Kapur on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Breakbounce Streetwear specialized in Streetwear fashion having headquarter in .
Interview: Ms. Suzanne Kerpel, Marketing Director, Zensah
A Talk with Ms. Suzanne Kerpel from Zensah.Ms. Suzanne Kerpel on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Zensah specialized in Manufacturer of specialized sports compression apparel. having headquarter in
Interview: Mr JM Balaji, Head Marketing, Lakshmi Ring Travellers Ltd
A Talk with Mr JM Balaji from Lakshmi Ring Travellers Ltd.Mr JM Balaji on Sector Pulse by Fibre2fashion. The Lakshmi Ring Travellers Ltd specialized in Manufacturer of Ring Travellers having
Interview: Christophe Bulliard, Marketing Director, Sensient Technologies
Christophe Bulliard, Marketing Director, Sensient Technologies talks about the growth rate in the last five years and what are your future expectations with Fibre2Fashion.com
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