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Innovative and Multidirectional Applications of Natural Fibre - Silk : A Review
Applications of Natural Fibre - innovative uses of insect fibre, Natural silk fibre are required to exploit its compatibility, eco friendly and value addition potential. Research on innovative trends
Natural Dyes: Application, Identification and Standardization
Application of Natural Dyes: Natural dyes, Eco Friendly Natural Dyes use in the coloration of textiles, foods, drugs, and cosmetics. Classification of Natural Dyes based on Chemical Class, Application
Bluer than blue: the revival of Philippine indigo
Philippine indigo, Indigofera tinctoria is one of the oldest dyes in civilization and one of the most widely used Natural Dyes. Philippine indigo and rightfully become the crowning glory of Philippine
New Natural Luxurious Womenswear Fabrics
New Natural Luxurious Womenswear Fabrics - An Interesting Article about the Womenswear Merino Wool, Wool, Silk and Wool, Bamboo Viscose Woven Worsted Fabrics.
Role of Natural dyes in "Wellness Textiles"
Role of Natural dyes in Wellness Textiles: Natural and synthetic colors Dyes. Dyes of natural origin are gaining more popularity due to consumer awareness regarding the ill effects of synthetic dyes
Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles
Natural fibers - the beginning of textiles by Alan Beggerow - Free Business Articles, Free Research Articles Provide by Fibre2fashion.com - Submit your free article - Textiles Article, Fashion
The Uniqueness and Multidimensional Usage of Natural Dyes
Natural dyes applications to industrial products release their medicinal properties on the goods as well as improving the aesthetic value of the product. Natural dyes are unique in that they are
Natural dyes: An Alternative to Save Environment
Natural Dyes,Eco Friendly Dyes,& Natural Textile Dyes: To save environment textile industry has increase use of eco friendly dyes,natural dyes,natural textile dyes. Learn more about Eco Friendly
Jute Rugs - Add Style and Comfort to Home
Jute Rugs - Add Style and Comfort to Home
'Living Life, the Nature's Way' 2009 - International Year of Natural Fibres
Read Article on Natural Fibre Textile, Eco Friendly Apparel and International Year of Natural Fibre. The year 2009 has been declared as the International Year of Natural Fibres (IYNF). This will be
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