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Walnut Dye for Wool & Silk & Development of a Color Palette for a Product Line
Article on Development of Natural Dyes, Development of Synthetic Dyes. Traditionally tie and dye was done employing natural dyes. Learn about Development of Natural Dyes, Development of Synthetic Dyes
Antimicrobial and Mechanical Activity of Eupatorium Dye on Tencel and Tencel-Viscose Fabrics
Eupatorium Dyes: Antimicrobial, Mechanical Activity of Eupatorium Dye on Tencel and Tencel Viscose Fabrics. Natural dyes, eco friendly dyes nature serve a superior value to textile material and
It’s Alive! A New World of Living Textiles
In the world of fast fashion, items of clothing are not given very much respect. Most consumers have so much of it, that one single item simply isn’t assigned very much value. Without a high level of
The Second Industrial Revolution Order of the Nature
Article By Sampath Kasirajan, The Second Industrial Revolution Order Of The Nature During Devonian Period, Redistribution Of Land Mass Make Surface Temperatures For Natural Events, Mankinds Design
Silk Fabric: The Queen of All Fabrics
Silk Fabric,Chiffon Fabric,Chiffon Silk Fabric,Silk Chiffon Fabric: Silk fabric is most natural fabric and organic fabrics. Silk fabric has the most versatile character traits. Learn about Chiffon
Designing Artisans
In a country like India, artisans find it difficult to compete in the market without formal training and business education. The Somaiya Kala Vidya design institute in Gujarat is providing the
The Sacred Yellow
Article on about Natural Yellow Color, Yellow Color in Textile, sacred yellow is a journey through this rainbow of Indian culture. Yellow Color in Textile and Natural Yellow Color is considered a
From fruits to fibres
Use of natural fibres has become widely popular now a days. However use of fruit fibres is gaining awareness among consumers regarding ethical and vegan fashion.
Sikki natural fibre handicrafts - marketing challenges & opportunities
Sikki Natural Fibre Handicrafts - Sikki Handicraft is a type of grass and belongs to the category of natural fibres. The artisans have skill but the main problem they are facing is the lack of
Developing multiple natural dyes from flower parts of Gulmohar
Developing multiple natural dyes from flower parts of Gulmohar
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