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Products to use black pigments from wood waste by 2020, United States Of America
Products using black pigments prepared from wood waste by US-based Nature Coatings will be commercially available next year, according to company founder Jane Palmer. The firm is working to make it
'Craft products have a natural connect with people', India
If crafts were to be understood properly by modern industry, the product developed would have a ‘natural connect’ with people, resulting in greater acceptance and less amounts being spent on forced
Indian designers shifting to natural dyes, India
The use of natural dyes is gaining momentum in India with designers shifting to sustainable fashion. Root, stem, flowers, leaves, bark of various plants, minerals and vegetables are all sources of
Tintex to feature naturally advanced fabrics, Germany
Tintex, the leading jersey manufacturer, will showcase a naturally advanced collection, a cutting-edge colouration technology, and a brand-new collaborative business model, at the Performance Days to
Croatian brothers make sneakers with 97% natural materials, Croatia
Two brothers—Hrvoje and Domagoj Boljar—from Croatia have created MIRET ecological sneakers—made with 97 per cent natural materials. The brothers have combined the strongest natural fibres to craft
Natural fibre centre to be opened in Almora, India
India's textiles ministry has released ₹20 crore for setting up the country's first centre of excellence for researching and producing natural fibre from plants of the Himalayan region in Almora. It
Nilit converts to cleaner energy using natural gas, Israel
Nilit, the leader in premium Nylon 6.6, has announced that the company has completed its conversion to cleaner energy from a new, on-site cogeneration power plant using natural gas at its main
Resolution on natural fibres adopted by consensus at UN, United States Of America
Bangladesh’s resolution titled ‘Natural Plant Fibres and Sustainable Development’ was recently adopted by consensus in the plenary of the second committee of the 74th session of the UN General
CSIRO team modifies cotton to make it naturally coloured, Australia
A team of researchers at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have genetically modified cotton to make it naturally coloured with the hope that it will
Composites Evolution unveils natural fibre prepregs, United Kingdom
Composites Evolution has unveiled natural fibre prepregs for motorsport sector. It has combined its expertise in high-performance flax reinforcements with its Evopreg range of epoxy prepregs to give a
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